Installation Guides


1.Windows OS
3.Extension Only



Engduino Installation Packages and Files

Windows Installer

The Windows installer is an all-in-one package that installs the drivers, Arduino files and Engduino libraries in a location of your choice.

Download the installer from the following location, double click and follow the instructions through to install Engduino software. 


MAC Installer

The MAC installer will install the Engduino software in your machine. 

  • Disk image (Release V3.1.0 for Engduino v1,2 and 3)


Full Engduino source files (zipped) 

This version of files include Arduino IDE, Engduino libraries and drivers. The board definition file is modified to show Engduino boards only. However, you could uncomment the other boards to enable them. 

  • Zip package (Release V3.1.0 for Engduino v1,2 and 3) - Note that this is not suitable for Windows 8 and above users. Please use the installation package instead


Engduino extension - libraries and board definition only (zipped) 

  • Zip extension for Arduino 1.5.x+ (Release V3.1.0 for Engduino v1,2 and 3) 


Other Stable and Development Versions

You could visit our github repository to download other versions of Engduino source files


Windows 8 signed driver problem (Old Engduino installation)

If you have problem using older installation of Engduino with Windows 8, please follow this page to correct the driver. 

Alternatively, you can reinstall the latest Engduino software release V3.1.0, which would correct this problem.