Welcome to the Engduino® website. The Engduino® is a teaching tool designed in the Department of Computer Science at UCL. It is  based on an Arduino LilyPad in tis design. However, unlike a bare-bones Arduino, it has 16 multicolour LEDs and a button, which can be used to provide visual feedback and simple user input. It also comes with three further components: a thermistor, capable of sensing temperature; a 3D accelerometer, which measures accelerations; and an infrared transmitter/receiver, which can be used to transmit messages from one Engduino® to another. The second version of the Engduino® also has a light sensor and a magnetometer.

The Engduino® is programmed over a normal USB connection using the standard Arduino IDE, and power can be supplied either by the USB itself, or using a rechargeable battery that is recharged by USB. This means it can be used outside the computer room – it’s as usable on the games field as in the classroom, or it could just be the flashing light on a cyclist’s backpack if programming doesn’t appeal.

This website contains instructions on how to install the Arduino software used for programming the Engduino®. It also contains some example programs, and teaching material for use in schools alongside the new computing curriculum that is due for introduction in 2014.


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