I've got a problem....

Uploading doesn't work

It seems to be the case that Windows will occasionally stop recognising that there is an Engduino connected to a USB port. Steps:

  1. Turn the Engduino off and on
  2. Check the Tools > Serial Port menu and see that the COM port for the device is selected. Sometimes it disappears entirely.
  3. If it doesn't appear at all, then try shutting down and restarting the Arduino IDE
  4. If all else fails, then you can cause the Engduino to listen for an upload by double clicking the reset button. If you press the → upload symbol, then the code will compile and try to upload. The moment it starts trying to upload, double click the reset on the Engduino. You may need to experiment with timings a bit.
  5. This latter trick works if you have managed to put the Engduino into a state where it won't talk to the USB at all for whatever reason.

Getting support

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Support for the Engduino is provided through the support@engduino.org email address. We have a mailing list for users to which we send information about new updates and any potential issues. If you have an Engduino, you should be registered on this list: send a message to support@engduino.org if you are not.