2015 MATLAB Day

UCL Engineering public engagement page and eventbrite page about the event.


Download 30-days free trial

MATLAB-Engduino extension

Download from MATLAB Central

Prepare the Engduino

Download Arduino-Engduino

  • If you have Arduino software already installed, download the Engduino extension zip package, unzip the files into Arduino root directory, so that examples folder merges into Arduino's example folder, hardware merges into hardware, etc.
  • If you don't already have Arduino software, download and install Arduino-Engduino installation package from here.
  • Then, goto Example->100.Engduino->Protocol. Upload onto your Engduino to prepare the Engduino working with MATLAB.

Engduino MATLAB Day materials

Setting up Engduino to work with MATLAB

Engduino quick start guide

Engduino Basic Programming Worksheet

Measure Distance from Engduino Accelerometer Data

Engduino Game Controller

Cancer Cell Image Processing

National Grid Data Analaysis

Conditional Probability

Simple Pendulum further explanations

Please contact support@engduino.org if you would like more information.